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Microbial Consortium Zinc Solubilizing Bacteria (CFU 1 X 10⁸ / ml. Min 2.0% w / w)

pH-ZINC breaks down the zinc compound in the soil into a form that can be assimilated by plants, enhances flowering and fruiting, increases the yield and induces disease tolerance

Mode of action:
  • pH-ZINC produces organic acids and converts zinc that cannot be assimilated by plants (such as zinc sulphide, zinc oxide, zinc carbonate) by lowering the pH of the soil.
  • Breaking down zinc complexes increases crop yield and soil health.

  • Improve yield and crop quality.
  • Improves soil health and activates plant hormones.
  • It improves the photosynthetic activity by obtaining greater plant growth.
  • Reduces zinc deficiencies.

Recommended crops:
  • All types of cultivation.

Dosage and method of application:
  • Soil applications: mix 2 liters of pH-ZINC with 100/200 kg of organic fertilizer (such as Leonardite) and spread in the ground, do a light irrigation after application.
  • Fertigation: mix 2 liters of pH-ZINC with water and humic acids and apply through the irrigation system.

Application period:
  • It can be applied to soil preparation, sowing or even to a crop in progress.

Compatibility with chemicals:
  • pH-ZINC can be mixed with other biological products for the soil.
  • Application mixed with chemical fertilizers should be avoided.

Precautions for use
  • The product should preferably be applied during the evening hours.
  • The product must be stored in a cool and dry warehouse away from direct sunlight.
  • Use personal protective equipment: clothes, gloves, boots.
  • The entire contents of the box should be used once opened.
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