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Microbial Consortium - Azotobacter spp (CFU 2 X 10⁸ / ml. Min)

pH-GOLD is a highly recommended product to be used as a soil conditioner. Being a microbial consortium of beneficial bacteria and fungi, it is an ideal product to add during soil preparation and to enrich soil fertility during the growth stages of the crop in the root zone.

Mode of action:
  • Azotobacter spp are aerobic Gram-Negative bacteria that live in the soil, with a wide variety of metabolic capacities. This includes the conditioning of the soil, the conversion of atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia and the sanitization of the soil, freeing it from root exudates.

  • It induces the emergence of healthy roots, growth and crop vigor, fixes nitrogen and solubilizes the phosphorus available in the soil.
  • It improves the pH of the soil, improving the absorption and availability of nutrients.
  • It improves resistance to drought, and to pathogenic fungi present in the soil.

Crops indicated:
  • Cereals, Legumes, Oilseeds, Fibrous crops, Vegetables, Spices, Fruit plants, Cocurbitace and Solanaceae.

Dosage and method of application:
  • Soil application: mix 2.5 liters of pH-GOLD with 100/200 kg of organic fertilizer (such as Leonardite) and spread in the soil. Carry out a light irrigation after application. Repeat the application if necessary.
  • Fertigation: mix 2.5 liters of pH-GOLD with water and humic acids and apply through the irrigation system.

Application period:
  • It can be applied to soil preparation, sowing or even to a crop in progress.

Compatibility with chemicals:
  • pH-GOLD can be mixed with other biological products for the soil.
  • Application mixed with chemical fertilizers should be avoided.

Precautions for use
  • The product should preferably be applied during the evening hours. The product must be stored in a cool, dry warehouse away from direct sunlight.
  • Use personal protective equipment: clothes, gloves, boots.
  • The entire contents of the box should be used once opened.

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