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FULVIC FIVE is an extremely bioactive low molecular weight substance, the final product of the decomposition of previously living matter, which is readily soluble in water and soluble in acidic and mildly basic media.
It is made up of extremely complex molecules that are combined several times during the growth process.
It also contains "latent solar energy" within its complex molecular structure, coming from photosynthesis
FULVIC FIVE is obtained by extracting from charcoal (lignite).
It derives from the chemical and biological humification of plants and organic matter, in particular through the biological activity of microorganisms.
Provides a very high content of fulvic acids and several biologically active trace elements.
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FULVIC FIVE is extracted from charcoal (lignite) and concentrated into a completely soluble dry powder.
The fact that fulvic acids are soluble in water and have a low molecular weight allows them to penetrate through the cell membrane of roots and leaves, carrying the chelated metals into the internal parts of plants.
• It improves the absorption of chelated nutrients by plants and reduces their immobilization in the soil.
• Promotes faster seed germination and faster root and sprout growth.
• Improves the structure of the soil and the ability to hold water
• Provides a valuable source of charcoal to soil microorganisms.
• Stimulates the enzymatic systems of plants to increase the respiration of plants.
• It improves the water retention of the soils and reduces the tension of humidity.
• Stimulates the growth of microorganisms, as FULVIC FIVE is a rich food source for them. The total cation exchange capacity increases due to the colloidal nature of the product.
• It is considered an active sequestering agent. Its high chelating ability for mineral elements releases important nutrients in the soil, allowing them to be assimilated by plants.
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