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Ferro S
Ferro S is a product based on bacterial consortia capable of solubilizing Sulfur and Iron and regulating the pH of the soil towards neutral.
It improves the physiological processes of plants improving their health, increases the quantity of flowers and fruits and the marketable harvest.

Ferro S microorganisms produce organic acids and convert insoluble forms of iron and sulfur into
available by lowering the pH of the soil and breaking down the complex bonds of iron and sulfur. Iron and sulphur
are very important nutrients for plants and are made available by Ferro S.
Ferro S is a product suitable for all types of cultivation.
Apply to the ground by mixing 8 kg of Ferro S with 300/400 kg of organic matter, or apply for
fertigation by dissolving 8 kg of Ferro S in a sufficient quantity of water and applying at fresh times
damp (evening or early morning).
Suitable for all crops

Dosage: 8 kg per hectare - repeat after 45 days if necessary.
It can be applied during sowing and also in the growth phase.
Mixing with chemical fertilizers should be avoided.
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